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Put people first, URC Thailand supports community during COVID-19 crisis
Sep 9,2021

Like many countries around the world, Thailand has been in several lockdowns since last year to help contain the COVID-19 situation. The nation went into its first full lockdown in March 2020, creating a very challenging situation for everyone in the country. Universal Robina Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (URC Thailand) sees the importance of sticking together as a community and helping each other through this difficult period, which is why the company has been donating and supporting both the communities and medical professionals in fighting against COVID-19 ever since the first lockdown.
Since COVID-19 began to affect every life in Thailand in 2020, URC Thailand has already donated more than 3.4 million baht in medical supplies, basic necessities, and snacks under URC Thailand such as Fun-O, Roller Coaster, Tivoli, Dynamite, Lush and Dewberry to both communities and medical professionals. Recently, the team at URC Thailand has been putting together COVID-19 survival first-aid boxes and distributing them to underprivileged communities and those at home-isolation with COVID-19 around the country.
Jack n’ jill donation box from URC (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Inside the box, people will find the basic necessities to help with COVID-19 such as alcohol spray, masks, and on top of that, URC Thailand would like to bring happiness to the people as well, by filling the boxes with snacks like Fun-O, Roller Coaster, Tivoli, Dewberry, Dynamite and Lush. Since the beginning of this year, the company has already donated more than 478,000 snacks and basic necessities to various communities, people at home-isolation and several hospitals, and counting.

“We value the importance of people and community.” Mr. Tanant Suwanraks, General Manager of URC (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said. “We believe that without everyone, we wouldn’t be here either. So, we would like to be a part in helping our society to become a better place via our products, just like our company’s belief, ‘Delight everyone with good food choices’.”
“COVID-19 has really affected everyone’s lives, and the medical professionals have been working so much to try to keep all of us safe,” Mr. Tanant Suwanraks continued. “We are just one company who tries to do our part in creating happiness for everyone in Thailand with our snacks.”

URC (Thailand) Co., Ltd. with URC employees donate cash to Samutsakhon Hospital for medical equipment support.

URC Thailand’s employees gathered together and collected donations to give to Samut Sakhon Hospital for them to buy more medical equipment to help fight against COVID-19.

Not only that the staff at URC Thailand get to be the givers, they, too, also receive such benefits from the company where each and everyone of them gets a COVID-19 survival first-aid box. The company truly believes in the importance of the people, and to not leave anyone behind, especially during this challenging period of time nationwide.

Mr. Matthew Dy , HR Director of URC (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

“At URC Thailand, we place a high priority on our employees and we make sure that our workplace is a safe environment as we believe in putting people first for that they are a key resource in driving the business to a success,” said Mr. Matthew Dy, HR Director of URC (Thailand) Co., Ltd. “By being a giver and receiver ourselves, and advocating social responsibility, we cultivate a sense of belongingness in the society, which aligns with our core values.”

 Mr. Tanant Suwanraks together with URC employees