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URC (THAILAND) receives sustainability awards - ZERO WASTE ACHIVEMENT, 3RS AND 3RS+ AWARDS
Mar 3,2021
URC (Thailand) Co., Ltd. A manufacturer and distributor of snack products under Jack’n Jill brand which includes major brands Fun-O, Tivoli, Roller Coaster, Lausanne, Dewberry, Dynamite and Lush.


All 6 factories with 3 productions based under URC (Thailand) was recently recognized 9 prestigious quality awards as received 3 awards of each factories at 2020 years end in Waste Utilization Potential Development Project from the Department of Industrial Work, Ministry of Industry such as 3 wards of 3Rs which is the best waste management based on 3Rs ‘s principle (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) , 3 awards of Zero Waste Achievement which is the excellent award for reducing the amount of waste to zero and 3 awards of 3Rs+ regarding to the economic compensation at gold medals achievement. For this award recognizes companies that use efficient waste management system in food industry focusing on environmental sustainability to manufacture safe and high-quality products under conducting business, encouraging the ethical business and social responsibility for their consumers.


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